April 21, 2015

5 Things We Have to Stop Pretending

This post is my response to Scott McLeod's Challenge to name 5 things we must stop pretending in regards to Education.  My friend Steven Weber brought the challenge to me and the rest of our #IBA Voxer group. 

We have to stop pretending that.......

-  student engagement means students are sitting quietly and making eye contact with the teacher.  

-  classrooms need to have four walls, desks in rows, and textbooks for each subject.  

-  the best way to view student learning is by giving the student a test. 

-  student choice and voice ends when students pick the books they would like to read.

-  personalized learning means students taking standardized assessments and then being assigned to groups to read leveled books.

I'm tagging Curt Rees, Joe Mazza, Jimmy Casas, Jennifer Kloczko, and Amy Fadeji to take the challenge.


  1. Awesome list. #5 is my favorite. Thanks for participating, Tom!

  2. Hi Tom, I found an interesting resource and I'd like to recommend it to you. It's a smart quiz maker that provides formative data. It's called Quizalize. You can check it out here: https://www.quizalize.com/