January 1, 2015

New Year. Old Commitments. New Plan.

Well, it's a new year and like everyone else I'm making some resolutions.  It's that time when we try to commit to making ourselves better.  I can't lie, I'm attempting to do the same. What I will try to do differently from my resolutions in the past is that instead of making "Big Hairy Audacious Goals," is that this time I will be creating goals that have daily action steps. What I have discovered with experience and from my PLN is that the best goals only get checked off when they are followed with actions, small steps taken day by day.  Jay Posick, Josh Stumpenhorst and Spike Cook have shown me how this practice can make the difference.

So to restate my same ole, same ole goals, but with a refreshed effort and an action plan they are as follows:

1.  Lose 72 lbs.  - This may seem like a huge goal to many but to me this means just losing 6 lbs per month.  It means controlling portions and eliminating snacks (except a fruit or veggie).  I hope to blow past this goal as I have read many posts from Facebook about folks that had amazing results in just one year, but for now I will be happy with this goal.

2.  Increase Fitness.  - This goal is so vague it's almost shameful, but to be honest if I do anything to increase my fitness it will be a step in the right direction.  The key here will be making it daily.  No matter how long or what the type, exercise daily will be a key.  Establish a routine.

3.  Be More Gracious.  - I feel that I made a big impact with this goal last year and while I did a better job of showing gratitude this past year, I feel like I can still do more in this area.  Not only does it make others feel good, but it honestly makes me feel good and I will take all the positive vibes I can get.

4.  Be a Coach.  - This is something that I have believed in for quite a while and I think I have made strides here as well, but now it is time to become a model in this area and to develop an expertise. I have plenty of more reading to do and I am looking forward to a workshop with Jim Knight coming up in a couple months.  I want to be a Teacher's Coach and I want to be great at it.  Time for some more reading, time for more #educoach chats on Twitter and time to develop the courage to follow through on what I have learned and what I believe in.

5.  Be A Sharer.  - This is where I should almost state the goal as: be more courageous.  I share a lot on Twitter and Facebook.  I share articles, blog posts and videos with my staff.  But what I've always felt a little weak at was being a presenter.  I had the opportunity to present over the Winter Break and I actually enjoyed it.  It went well. I have watched some of the best presenters and I think I have said to myself I could never be that good, that funny, that witty, or even as smart. Pictured to the above is Joe Sanfelippo, a good friend and an incredible presenter.  He's a superintendent here in Wisconsin and I have met him several times and I can tell you honestly with no intention of helping a friend, he is a presenter you must see someday. His humor and wit is only seconded by his passion for his district and helping students and teachers be successful. He has helped me build some courage to try. It's time for me to conquer this fear and believe in myself and start to be a presenter at conferences. I have learned a lot over the years and especially through my connections on Twitter and Voxer. It's time for me to share what I've learned and to improve my presentation skills. I will try and I will get better, but I will be a presenter for at least 2 conferences/workshops this upcoming year.

I've never felt more empowered than I have recently and with the support I have had from my wife, my kids and some of the best friends I have ever had (shout out to my Voxer Brothers and Voxer Family) I feel like I can attain these goals with more ease than I once believed possible. I truly hope other educators get the chance to connect with such positive and supportive people as I have met over the last 4 years. They are wonderful and I am thankful for them for so many things, but mostly for believing in me and making me a better person.  Now......it's just time to: