December 3, 2014

Culture of Compassion

I was watching the movie "The Blind Side" recently on ABC Family, and it made me reflect a little. I love the movie, yeah it's about football, but far more importantly, it's about kindness, compassion, empathy and looking beyond differences to see what a person really needs to make it in this world. A football scholarship? Someone wealthy enough to buy them clothes? To buy them a truck? Nope. Sometimes, it takes just one person to show that they care, that they will go out of their way to make sure you are cared for and supported. This family took in a young man to make sure he felt cared for and they grew to love him, and he loved them.

This photo displays one of the quotes from the movie that just about brings me to tears everytime I hear it.  Why? Because it is the simple truth of the whole movie.....and maybe it's the simple truth of being an educator as well.

What is the connection to my Tomah family? These are some of the same actions I see from my co-workers almost everyday. Teachers going out of their way for students in a variety of ways. I know it's our job to help students learn reading, math, science and social studies, and yes, we do that too, but I am always filled with pride when I see the extras we do for our students as well. What's unusual is that I don't think any of my teachers see it as an extra. It's just what they do.

They see a need, and they find a way to fill it. Whether it's a student in need of boots or a winter coat, a family in need of food, or a student that just needs a little more attention and love, they all find a way to be there for the kids. Going to their performances, their various athletic events, and just smiling when they see them around town. The kindness and compassion my teachers display is inspiring to me and more importantly it makes all the difference to our students.

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  1. Thank you, Tom, for this wonderful reminder of why we teach, and how we should teach.