October 9, 2014

Personal Reboot

No, I'm not broken.  No need for a new me.  I just need to reboot the system and get myself back on track.  I've gotten away from blogging....I've gotten away from engaging and sharing on social media, especially Twitter chats, well, at least as much as I used to.  I've radically reduced my professional reading except for occasional articles and blog posts.  I have been asked to write articles and contribute to books and I have been reluctant to say yes.  I am supposed to be a Connected Ed mentor in my state and I am even supposed to help bring a social media lounge presence to our larger state conferences.  What kind of mentor for social media use doesn't tweet, blog or share articles?

So it's time for a reboot. Time to get back into my blog, connect on social media, and start sharing what I have learned and sharing the experiences I have daily.  I have sat down to write almost 20 blog posts in the past 3 months and I have been unable to complete any of them.  I lose focus, or motivation or I just lack the confidence that they will be any good. So tonight I am just cranking out this one post to break the ice and then I'm sitting back down to get going on an article I agreed to do 3 weeks ago, but haven't started.

I am also rebooting a couple of other goals I have set for myself, but have let fall by the wayside.  The diet is back on, and the exercise is back on.  I am fed up with my lack of motivation on these two parts of my life and it is time to get serious.  I am way too knowledgeable about both things and it is time to face my lack of intestinal fortitude and give myself the kick in the pants I need.  I have a herniated disc in my back and a knee that reminds me I should have quit football after high school.  But both of those things will just get worse by laying on a couch or sitting at a desk, so it's time to "get real" with myself and get started with living like I should.

No, I won't go crazy with exuberance and quit all sugars, or take off on a 5 mile run tomorrow (like I could even run 1 mile), but it is time to get started and to make a plan I can begin, continue and ultimately reach some serious goals with.  I won't be sitting down at the computer each night to start working on a new book, but it is time to set aside time to write and reflect again, and not just stay in the office to get paperwork done, just to come home and plop down on the coach with the TV on and a phone in my hand (really a phone, not a beer like in the picture).

So, I have to thank Connected Educator month again. In the past it has helped me to connect to some amazing people. People that have taught me a great deal, and people that have become lifelong friends.  People that taught me to value myself more and friends that convinced me I can do anything I set my mind to if I just give it my best effort. This year, it reminded me that I am a mentor and role model, and somehow I had forgotten those duties. No more!

Whew! Okay.....deep breath......let it out slow.......


  1. Tom,
    Best wishes on all fronts. I empathize with you. You got this. Go!

  2. Tom,
    When we step away, we have to be okay with it. Often we take a break because we are fostering existing relationships, and connecting with new people is not necessary. If we are always forging new we don't have enough time to deepen connections we have with people both face to face and online. I wish you the best of luck with your reboot; I share many of your goals! You got this!

  3. Tom,
    Great post! Good luck with the reboot. Let us know how you get on.

  4. So glad that you're committing to continuing your online share as I for one always look forward to your stories, words of wisdom, and sense of humor. Perhaps you could start a routine that includes a short vignette and a few words about the positive teaching/learning moments in your midst--you are a good storyteller. As for the health challenges, maybe a two-for is a daily game of ball on the school playground with different groups of children. . .just a thought. Take care.

  5. Tom --

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I've hit those times when I just didn't have the motivation to do much of anything connected-educator-wise. But like you said, I don't think that's a bad thing. If you can come back re-energized, it will be worth it. As far as completing blog posts, I have those same feelings all the time. I start writing something or think of a topic for a blog post and think, "Who in the world is going to read that?" Just remember that sometimes a post or idea that you write may not seem significant to you, but it's exactly what someone else needs to see. Keep your head up and here's to a great reboot!

  6. Tom, we're behind you all the way, and we're with you - we ALL need a kick in the pants every now and then! Thanks for your transparency - you say a lot of what many of us are thinking!!

  7. Tom, thank you for having courage and for being transparent in this post. While we haven't yet me in person, what I have learned from you always gets me thinking and pushes me to be a better, for others. It's obvious you have a passion, and that often means you put yourself last. Well, now that you're taking steps towards putting yourself first (even slightly) , I can only imagine how we will be impacted. I've learned a lot about leadership from following you, Tom. But this post has given me cause to consider what you'll be teaching us about life. Best wishes! And thank you for your honesty.


  8. Many thanks to all of you!! My PLN has always been a source of motivation, inspiration and definitely a group of people that I am constantly learning from. I appreciate the support and I know this is a change that will take time. Small steps at first, but the key will be to keep taking steps, no matter how small, each day. Keep sharing the ideas and the support and keep being there for each other, that is what makes us all so strong.