January 6, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

So I decided I was going to make just 3 resolutions this year. Granted I think these 3 cover a lot of important things and they are broad enough that if I follow through with them they will make a big difference to many people, not just myself. They are:

Resolution #1 - take care of myself. A healthier, happier me will benefit my family, my students, my staff, and my admin team.  This means more than just get physically fit, it also means mentally pushing and stretching myself.   spiritually.

Resolution #2 - have a renewed focus on students and their enjoyment of school.  Let student voice be more prevalent in our decision making process.  Goal, make school more fun.

Resolution #3 - Take care of my PLN. They've provided so much for me as a leader, learner and friend, that I need to be cognizant of giving back.

So there they are.  Simple, but important. They include myself and what I can do to make things better for others. But today I saw a Kid President video by SoulPancake that made me think.....Maybe I could have just made one resolution.  Watch this video and then reflect on your resolutions.  Were they superficial?  Would they help just you?  If so, consider adding just this one.......or maybe just go with this one resolution.  It's a really good one.

Have a happy new year and best of luck on your resolutions!


  1. Tom,
    I love the video and I'm going to share it with the students at our assembly tomorrow. I think if we concentrate on making things better for others that it ultimately makes things better for us, too.

  2. TOM>>I am in total agreement with your resolutions. It can be done..all the best in 2014