July 19, 2013

#Beachweek2013 Analogies to Edu and Leadership

The next few series of posts will be reflections and personal sharings from our annual extended family vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Yes, there will be some personal stories and photos but I will try to make them connected to either education of leadership.  Or at least in a real loose sense of the connected.

This was after taking out our baggage for the hotel.
So, this morning starts with the adventure of packing.  One of the drawbacks to being the only one in the family to own a Chevy Suburban (besides terrible gas mileage) is that the rest of your family just assumes you are always willing to haul everything that doesn't fit in their vehicles.  So as the kind brother and son that I am.........I do.  My vehicle is packed full (although no car top cargo carrier this year is nice) and while my son & daughter could each have their own bench seat they instead will have to share the 2nd row bench seat and the third row is folded up so that we can haul more stuff.  This will inevitably end up in a few of those, "Jack won't stay on his side," squabbles each day.....but for the most part they get along well, especially if they can each get in a fair share of Minecraft on their iPads.  We are nearing the Hotel in Indianapolis for the first leg of the drive. I am getting a short break from driving and wanted to add a little to my post before I wrap it up at the hotel.  I know, I know....."where's the analogy?"  I'll get to that now.

Being a leader can often be like being the sibling with the big suburban.  The people that work with you look to you to carry the extra load sometimes.  They are hoping you have the "shoulders" to do it or the "space" to help pick up the bigger than ever burdens that have been hoist upon them.  Teaching is challenging enough, but now with all the initiatives and pressure to be "everything" to our students.....well it can be overwhelming, and often all our staff is looking for is someone to take just a bit of the load.  I posted a short while back about how sometimes it seems like everyone is expecting answers of their leaders, and it is easy to understand why.  As a leader we are usually paid more for the knowledge and responsibility we carry, but we also must remember we are an integral part of a team, and while we may not be as hands on with the students anymore, we definitely want to make sure we are lightening the load for our teachers who are.  While I may not get to be as hands on as I once was with students, I truly love my role as the Lead Learner of a school.  Working with the teachers, parents and the occasional chance to work with kids is awesome!! One of my favorite leaders (@casas_jimmy) likes to use Ghandi's quote, "Be the change you want to see in the World." I guess that comes down to stepping up, and walking the talk.  So, while it is annoying that I can't see out of my back window, and that I have to carry a lot of things that are not mine on this trip, I will still be the good brother/son and haul what I can for my family to help make this trip go smoothly and safely for all...........it would be nice if they paid me more though.  :-) 

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  1. excellent analogy! I hope you have an excellent vacation. you all deserve it.