November 4, 2012

Day 4 - #Blogathon My next post?

Today was a rough to day to step up to the #Blogathon Challenge.  Might not be a good sign that on November 4th (the 4th day of the 30 day challenge) I am already struggling with keeping up with my posts.  To be honest, these next 2 weeks will be rough as my family is moving into a new house about an hour away.   One of the conflicts I may face is being a night or two without internet access, but OI could always stay a little longer in my office and crank out a post on those days.  However, by 4:30pm my creative juices tend to wain until I get home, get some food in me again, and hopefully hear some of my kids stories from their day, before my wife and I begin sharing Ed Leadership stories from our day.

I read a few great posts today and I have to say they inspired some thoughts for posts for the next couple of days.  One of my Tweeps, Phil Griffins ( @philgriffins ), had a great post that was both personal and professional.  His post truly hit home as I am also taking on a new building this year and replacing a well liked principal that had been with her staff for a number of years and apparently did things pretty differently from me.  I will be sharing some of my same frustrations and excitement about that same thing.

Then I checked in on another good friends post that again made me think. David Culberhouse is an excellent blogger and writes some of the best stuff I have seen on the web.  I recently checked David's follower numbers on Twitter and I was somewhat shocked to see that they were lower than I thought.  David is apparently one of the best kept secrets on the internet and Twitter for sure.  So if you are reading this post and don't follow @DCulberhouse on Twitter.....well, you should.  David shared a post that talked about the need for a Response to Relationships in our education system right now.  We have RTI for academics, we have RTI for Behaviors (PBIS) but what about one of the most important things that happen in schools every day.....Relationships?  What do we do to support this, one of the most important daily aspects of school that probably has one of the highest impacts on learning?  Thanks for sharing David.  This also gave me great thinking opportunities and I will be posting on this topic soon.  

There are so many things to consider blogging about, ti actually gets to be tough to try to narrow them down.  I am thinking up a post on time.  It seems to always be a sore subject in school.  You know, never enough of it.  I hate to go with a strictly complaining style post.  It goes against my try to be positive vibe.  Also thinking about posting about my kids, and all that I put them through with constantly talking school, making them pack up their lives and have to move, making new friends, only to leave them after a few years, and then they talk to me about wanting to be a teacher some day.  Nah, that post could go on for too long. I definitely have some ideas to consider.  I hope you weren't  tuning in today to get some deep thoughts or some new research to take and share with staff.  Today was a post for me to help plan out a direction for the next few days.  Oh yeah, and I am not sure if you heard about it or not, but there is a big election going on and if you have missed watching TV (or You Tube videos) you may not have noticed a few commercials about the politicians lately. I may have to share a rant night on that subject soon too.  Besides, if you know me at all, sometimes I am just here to entertain.  Enjoy this video clip before checking in tomorrow.

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