October 30, 2012

30 Day Blogathon Challenge

So I would encourage any of you checking this post out to give the challenge a shot as well.  I have to agree with Matt that the only way for me to improve my writing and blogging is by writing and blogging.  Granted, I do think I have learned some things from the blogs I have been reading and I would recommend that everyone find a few bloggers to follow.  

So my good friend Matt Renwick (aka @Howeprincipal ) shared with me on Twitter last night that he was putting out a challenge to get educators to do 30 blog posts over 30 days starting November 1st.  Matt did an excellent job of planning things out.  He already has his post subjects planned out for all 30 days. Matt is an excellent blogger.  I have been following his blog for a while now and I have learned a great deal from him.  I am very glad I connected with him on Twitter.                  

One of my favorites is David Culberhouse!  He has an excellent blog that focuses on leadership but he is also a big fan of the PLC movement.  David ( aka @DCulberhouse ) has a way of always leaving me inspired.  He doesn't get too caught up in the political piece although I haven't met a more staunch advocate for improving schools.  You can find his blog here and you will enjoy following him.  David is also a great person to follow on twitter as he also quick to share advice, give a pat on the back and has tons of connections.  He actually offered me some advice about blogging last evening within 5 minutes of me accepting Matt's challenge.

As I sat through an intensive training today on Wisconsin's new Educator Effectiveness model for teacher evaluation, I was thinking I had plenty to reflect on.  This new model, while fantastic and a very good model to use, is going to be time intensive....for the teacher and the evaluator. I think this training is going to supply plenty of fodder for blog posts.  Expect your first "earful" tomorrow evening.                                                         

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