September 2, 2012

Twitter for Teachers????

I have been encouraging my staff for almost a year now to start checking out Twitter.  As a matter of fact, I have am now introducing my new staff to the benefits of Twitter, and how it can be used to connect with educators from all around the world.  What's the importance of "connecting" with other educators?  We have all been hearing about the benefits of collaborating with our peers within our own buildings for a while now.  The Professional Learning Communities movement has made it clear how effective it is to utilize collaboration to improve professional practice and expand the knowledge base of a single teacher simply by creating interdependent teams within a school building.  However, if connecting with the peers within a single building can help to improve instruction, doesn't it make sense that connecting with educators from far outside that confined space might lead to even greater learning?  I know first hand, that this is what Twitter has done for me.  I have taken great ideas from educational experts and practitioners all over the country (and yes even from around the world).  While they say they have learned much from me as well, I still feel as though I am the one walking away with greater insights and fantastic new I guess it could work both ways.

This is the idea behind the "Connected Educator" movement.  Expand your knowledge, grow your expertise, and meet some of the greatest thinkers and artists in the field of education.  We can all glean great ideas from each other, all you need to do is find a way to connect with them.  Then begin sharing lessons, ideas, passions, infographics, websites, apps, concerns and questions on how to improve the most important job ever.  Join me in embracing the digital age and becoming a "Connected Educator" this year.  Try it for just 30 days, but make sure to embrace it and give it an honest effort.  If you are fearful, grab a colleagues hand and bring them along on the journey and see what you can learn together.

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  1. Great post, Tom! I am planning on sharing this with my team. You made the argument for becoming a Connected Educator in a very real way, which I think will make sense to my team. Keep 'em coming!