August 23, 2010

Good Book for Schools Beginning the PLC Journey

I found an excellent new book this summer for those beginning their journey into becoming a PLC.  It is packed with excellent information and straight forward examples and procedures for getting started.  Easy to read and loaded with reproducibles.  Check it out even if you are just wondering about all this PLC stuff you have been hearing about.

I've been pondering a situation that has been bothering me lately.  I have been to quite a few professional conferences and workshops over the last year and this summer and I am quite surprised (and somewhat disappointed) by the district's I see presenting their experiences and practices.  I think I need to start talking to my staff about being the exemplars when it comes to PLC's, MAP Testing, RTI and host of other practices we are apparently a little more practiced and knowledgeable in as compared to those we have attempted to learn from.  I  shouldn't come off as being so negative.  While we may have had some more experience or better results than some of the districts we have listened to, we still have gleaned a great deal from them.  I'm really not trying to come off as too cocky but we have been doing some great things and we have been trying to follow the best practices established by some of the biggest names in education today.  Besides, I want my staff to know how proud I am of all the great work they do and all that they have learned.

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