July 9, 2009

Moving on to a new book today. It came highly recommended from an old admin mentor I worked with. "Compelling Conversations connecting leadership to student achievement" by Thomasina D. Piercy looks to be a great read about approaching the serious conversations that need to take place in a school seeting. Conversations between staff and administrators and conversations amongst grade level teams.

These type of conversations already take place at highly effective schools. While I am the leader of a very good school, we are still not doing what it takes to become a top notch school that ensures the success of all of its students. Where I am lucky is that I have a staff that desires nothing but the best for its students and almost all are willing to try whatever it takes to get there. What we will have to start working on is following the steps taken by these exceptional schools and making it a common practice in our building. It is comforting to feel that I know it will happen.

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